Previous Zonta Science Award Recipients.

Helen Woolner
The 2018 Zonta Science Award was the 15th biennial Award since its introduction in 1990. Winners of previous years awards were

Year Name Area of Study
2020 Dr (Victoria) Helen Woolner Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Chemical Genetics.
2018 Dr Jessie Prebble Plant Systematist utilising DNA sequencing to identify New Zealand native species.
2016 Dr Amy Van Wey Lovatt Mathematical models to describe the complex interactions between food, microbes and the human host.
2014 Dr Laura Green Better treatments for multiple sclerosis with anti-psychotic drugs.
2012 Dr Anna Ponnampalam Women’s health, particularly pregnancy, menstrual cycles and endometriosis
2010 Dr Julie Lim Research on anti-cataract therapies to prevent age related nuclear cataracts.
2008 Dr Deirdre Hart Environmental scientist researching coastal river mouths lagoons.
2006 Dr Victoria Metcalf Studying Antarctic fish and their adaption to cold.
2004 Dr Ursula Cochran Paleoecologist studying paleo-environments in relation to earthquakes and tsunamis.
2002 Dr Julia Charity Project leader for the genetic engineering for future forests research team.
2000 Dr Michelle Prinsèp Studying natural components occurring in marine organisms and sponges.
1998 Dr Helen Neil Maritime geologist studying climate change in seabed samples from the Chatham Rise.
1996 Professor Wendy Nelson Botanist studying seaweeds and European collections of early explorers.
1994 Professor Jacqueline Rowarth Agricultural scientist studying grassland seed production.
1992 Dr Phillipa Gerard Environmental entomologist studying wool carpet pests.
1990 Professor Emerita Jean Fleming Molecular biologist studying fertility in sheep.