FAQ on criteria for the Zonta Science Award:

Q: Will I be excluded if I am over 7 years from graduating as a PhD?

A: No but you must give the reason. i.e. A break from work due to family circumstances or illness.

Q: Is it essential that I am a New Zealand resident?

A: Applicants do not need to be New Zealand citizens but if not must have a residency visa and not be in New Zealand on a student visa. NZ Residency Wiki

Q: What if my current research takes me offshore?

A: you must usually reside in New Zealand and be conducting research with a New Zealand institution.

Q: Can I use the funds to employ someone for child care or as a research assistant?

A: No.  The funds must be used by you for research material, expenses or travel.

Q: Must I get a reference from my nominator?

A: Past successful candidates have submitted a reference that strongly supports them and their application.

If you have any further questions please contact

the Convenor at award@zontascience.org.nz